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Run layered ads with your newly discovered interests for maximum efficiency.

Facebook™ hides interests.

Facebook™ Ads Manager shows the same 25 interest suggestions to all the advertisers using Facebook to promote their businesses.

Facebook targeting

We don't.

We show you thousands of relevant interests based on your keyword. Easily export them in text or CSV formats.

Less-competitive interests, lower CPCs

Are you working for Facebook?

Hey, I'm Mike and I'm an advertiser just like you.

Since 2015, I've been using Facebook ads to promote my business.

Or, at least I thought so.

You see, I thought I was promoting my business, but in fact I was working for Facebook.

Facebook likes to create competition so that you have to pay more for your ads and outbid your competition. Ultimately, Facebook wins.

That's why they only show you the same 25 interest suggestions they show to everyone else. They like to create competition.

Moreover, if you have the same data your competitors have, you will, at most, have their same results.

TargetBear allows you to discover hidden interests that your competition does not know, so that you can have a massive competitive advantage.

Stop working for Facebook, start generating a better ROAS for your business.

Quickly find new advertising markets your competitors don’t even know exist.
Explore interest demographic on Facebook and Google.
Conveniently download all interests in TXT or CSV formats.
Discover other addressable markets using AI.

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